Stallion Spotlight-Affirmativ

Affirmativ (Andreanov x Cedaridge Folaura) 1984-2009

Affirmativ is the sire of AV Olympic Spirit, resident black stallion at The Franch and he is grandsire to my two loves, Flame and Fyrestorm. He was owned by Jim and Renee Boeshans of Springfield, Oregon and Renee calls him their “miracle horse”.

Renee had taken her friend to Twin Fir Farms in Sisters, Oregon to look for a colt, when a sweet, little, black, one-month old colt decided to start following Renee around. She says, that while they were choosing a different colt for her friend, Affirmativ chose her.

He is their miracle horse because at the age of 18 months he broke his leg and they were devastated. Affirmativ was sent to Oregon State Veterinary Hospital for surgery and had a pin put in the leg, but was rejecting the pin and was sent home for the Boeshans to treat it. Miracle of miracles happened and it healed. They had not been expecting to be able to show or ride him, but the plucky young stallion made a full recovery. Affirmativ would go on to become a winner in country English pleasure and halter. He was Scottsdale’s Most Classic Arabian and Champion Native Costume horse in 1994. And later at the age of nineteen, he was shown in hunt seat, western and native costume by their granddaughter, Cortney Boeshans.

Affirmativ has over 100 foals in the U.S., Canada and Germany. The ones that have been shown have done very well, winning national, regional and Class A championships. One of which being, AV Olympic Spirit aka Spirit, who was 2004 Top 10 US National Champion Arabian Working Cow Jr Horse.

AV Olympic Spirit (Affirmativ x Raylee Asasi)

Affirmativ has the true, classic Arabian look with chiseled head, large eyes and long “hooky” neck that breeders strive for and it is passed on through his bloodlines as can be seen in his grandson, NH Fyrecracker aka Flame:

NH Fyrecracker (AV Olympic Spirit x Fyrelite Bynite)

The Arabian horse world is both large and small at the same time. Renee and I became friends on Facebook through the connection between our beloved horses and we both have a mutual love of the breed. I couldn’t be happier that Affirmativ chose Renee and became her “miracle horse”.


6 thoughts on “Stallion Spotlight-Affirmativ

  1. Vi Cassill

    I remember Affirmativ well and know Jim and Renee..I have been out of horses for a while but it was nice to come across an old friends picture. Seeing Affirmativ’s face took me back to the early 90’s and the Arabian horse world I so loved..

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    1. Thank you for commenting Vi! I know Renee through Facebook and because I own two Affirmativ grandkids. She is a very sweet woman! My two babies were my introduction into the Arabian horse world and I love them! May I ask, how you came across my blog? I haven’t had much luck with it and had been considering scrapping it, but then your comment showed up in my email! Thanks again!


    2. Renee Boeshans

      Hi Vi, nice to hear you are able to see Carla’s blogs. We still have 3 Arabians, an Affirmativ daughter and gelding son, plus an Al Marah bred mare, that i trail ride a little! Do you still live in
      the Eugene, Springfield area?

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  2. Shannon Means

    Renee Boeshans, I do not know if you will ever see this but I have a daughter of Affirmativ and until very recently I had two. I would love to know if you know them. AV Promises Kept and AJ Midnight Melody. Thanks, Shannon Means
    P. S. I am going to try to find you on Facebook

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    1. Renee Boeshans

      Shannon! I am so happy you found them. We bred Promise and sold her to a friend many years ago. She raised Melody. She sold them to a man who never paid for them and didn’t get the papers, then lost track of them! I messaged you on Facebook!

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