Timmy the Lonely Pony-Spotlight: Chanel

Chanel is a cute character with an attitude in, Timmy the Lonely Pony. Real life Chanel is a sweet Arabian horse owned by my good friend, Stephanie Young, who runs The Franch. It’s an over 200-acre horse paradise where all three characters in the story live very happy horsey lives. Chanel’s real name is, Spirits Chanel No V. Number V (five) because she’s the fifth offspring of the resident stallion, AV Olympic Spirit aka Spirit.

Baby Chanel with her mom, NH Hungary Eyes aka Sera:

“First Kiss”

More Baby Chanel Pics:

Stephanie with her love, Chanel:

AV Olympic Spirit aka Spirit (resident black stallion at The Franch and father of Chanel and Fyrestorm):

Lastly, Fyrestorm aka Honey, half-sister to Chanel and the third character in, Timmy the Lonely Pony (she’ll be featured in my next post):

Don’t forget to check out these social media links for Veronica Stanley-Hooper, the wonderful illustrator who is making my dream a reality!

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