Timmy the Lonely Pony-Spotlight: Timmy

Timmy the Lonely Pony is the first book in a series that features my rescue pony, Timmy. The real Timmy came into my life in 2014. It turns out that this cute little guy, who I thought I rescued, actually rescued me. He’s never been ridden and is just my little loveable pet. He lives on a 200-acre ranch affectionately known as, The Franch (Frances’s Ranch), along with many other happy horses, including my other rescue horse, Frisco. He has met the other stars of this little tale, but the fillies featured within its pages, Chanel and Fyrestorm, reside in the paddock with the pond which appears in the story.

I wrote this manuscript about two years ago and had pretty much given up on ever getting it published because it seems illustrators are difficult to come by. But then the extremely talented, Veronica Stanley-Hooper, came into my life and now my dream of publishing a picture book is about to become a reality!

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Timmy is also featured in some middle grade stories I’ve written which can be found on the Timmy Tales page of this website. It’s so easy to come up with story ideas for this cute, little, golden pony!

The real Timmy:

Timmy and Frisco:

Timmy and me:

Timmy is my muse and his ability to inspire me has helped me begin to realize my dream of becoming a published writer. A dream that I first vocalized many years ago when I was in seventh grade. Click on the links below for more about Timmy and more about my writing journey.

Timmy My Little Muse

Timmy the Rescue Pony-Star of Timmy Tales and Timmy the Lonely Pony