2022 IALHA National Championships, Working Equitation, Caballos Bailadores Nacional at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Ft. Worth, Texas

Okay, as usual, I’m a little late with this post since this working equitation competition took place in Ft. Worth on November 9th, but I managed to get some cool pictures and I just wanted to post them. Working Equitation (WE) is featured prominently in my work in progress, The Red Filly. Doreen Atkinson (pictured above) was elected President Elect of USAWE in November of 2022. She will rotate into the role of President at the end of 2023. USA Working Equitation is the national organization for working equitation in the USA, and Doreen is an awesome ambassador for the sport!

Kiki Pantaze is the USAWE Region 4 Director
Marcelo Guzman and Lil Rockstar