Timmy the Lonely Pony-Spotlight: Fyrestorm

Fyrestorm is Chanel’s plucky little sidekick in, Timmy the Lonely Pony. Real life Fyrestorm is also quite plucky, but she prefers to be called by her nickname, Honey or Honey Boo. Like Chanel, she is a daughter of the resident Franch black stallion, Spirit (AV Olympic Spirit). Honey Boo’s registered name is, Spirits Fyrestorm. Honey was a surprise because one day her mom, Fyrelite, had a little red baby by her side even though as far as anyone knew, she hadn’t been bred. After DNA testing, it turns out that Spirit is officially Honey’s sire, so like Chanel she is a pure Franch bred Arabian.

Baby Fyrestorm with her mom, Fyrelite Bynite:

Fyrestorm aka Honey Boo all grown up:

Honey and me:

AV Olympic Spirit aka Spirit (resident black stallion at The Franch and father of Chanel and Fyrestorm):

Fyrestorm and Chanel:

Don’t forget to check out these social media links for Veronica Stanley-Hooper, the wonderful illustrator who is making my dream a reality!

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