About Me


It’s been a long journey to Arabian horse ownership for me as you can see by my longness of tooth in the picture above. I’m the one on the right. And you can also see by said pic, I am a geek as well as a lover of Arabians.

Many years ago in a modest apartment in San Mateo, California a skinny, blonde (natural at the time), introverted little girl kept a box of sugar cubes hidden under her clothes in a dresser drawer just in case a horse might happen by the apartment complex.  Said sugar cubes had been pilfered from the pantry at the girl’s church.  She didn’t make a regular habit of stealing, but of course had to be prepared for any chance encounter with a random horse.  As far as the girl knew, she had been born loving horses and couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t love them.

A kind elementary school librarian noticed that the girl frequently checked out horse related books, both fiction and non fiction, so the observant librarian introduced the girl to the Black Stallion series of books.  Upon discovery of the beautiful Black, there was no turning back…the girl was forever smitten with the breed.

The blog is called Dreaming of Arabians not only because of a young girl’s dream to one day have an Arabian horse of her own, but also because the girl dreamed of many things which she thought would never happen. The girl wanted love more than anything and lost sight of those dreams for many years.  Women often lose themselves and their identity once they become wives and then mothers, unfortunately it’s almost become a cliché in our society.

The girl still exists inside of me and I fight her every step of the way, because, you know, we have to be all grown up and mature now, because responsibilities…

But, maybe, just maybe her voice will finally be heard…